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Phoenix Assistant Headed to NBA's Utah Jazz

04 Jul
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Aaron Pereira for Phoenix Media

Phoenix assistant coach Luke Brennan will have the opportunity of a lifetime when he spends time with the coaching staff from the Utah Jazz during the NBA Summer League.

As part of his development, and already with a strong existing relationship with Jazz assistant and former Wildcats head coach Scott Morrison, Brennan will be given the chance to embed within the NBA organisation.

The Jazz have endured a post-season-less two years, having missed the playoffs in both seasons since Will Hardy took over the reigns from Quin Snyder in 2022.

For Brennan, it’s an opportunity to acquire skills in a different environment and see how the Jazz deal with issues that may arise for the Phoenix.

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(Brennan taking an off-season work-out.)

“The Jazz do a great job spacing the floor and cutting aggressively, so it’ll be interesting to see how they go about teaching those things,” Brennan told Phoenix Media.

“Any time you can be around other coaches it’s a great chance to learn, they do a great job in the development space to hoping to learn a thing or two there as well.”

The heavy off-season work the Jazz will need to do to get back competitive in the Western Conference presents incredible prospects for Brennan to learn in a pressure environment, something Phoenix head coach Mike Kelly says will only benefit his lieutenant.

“I think being around the highest level of basketball possible and be engrossed in it will be a great learning experience,” Kelly said.

“It’s all about growth, even Sam (MacKinnon) is over in New Zealand coaching Taranaki, off-season learning is so important.”

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(Brennan and Kelly during the NBL24 season.)

Brennan is currently in Salt Lake City, Utah and will return ahead of the Phoenix pre-season which is slated to begin on July 15.

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